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Welcome to APTA's Emergency Response and Preparedness Program Website and Database

This website and database allows fellow transit systems and industry entities to volunteer and request resources, and personnel, in the event of an natural disaster, emergency, or unforeseen situation. The following pages will provide a guided tour of how you can utilize this site.

You will find how the ERPP can be your online resource and "mutual aid" tool in planning and in emergency preparedness.

Create Account

After clicking on the "Join ERPP" tab, you will be ask to enter information as shown. This action begins the process of creating an account.

Create an Account ID

Users will create a login ID and password.


After creating an account the site will verify the information entered for missing entries or errors, and confirm your account.

Following confirmation, users can login to:

  • Add Resources
  • View Resources
  • Request Resources

Add Resources

Utilizing this page, users can enter detailed information about available resources, including:

  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Personnel

Detailed Resources Review

Prior to making a selection, users can review the details of resources available.

Search Resources

This page allows users to:

  • Request resources
  • Search for available resources

Search Results

This page displays the specific resources requested.

From this page, users can:

  • Specify quantity of resources to request
  • View more details of each resource
  • Search again
  • Add to resources already requested
  • Proceed to make a formal request

The bottom area of this page displays the tabs for:

  • Refining a query
  • Adding to resources already requested

Resource Request

Resources requested for a particular event are displayed on this page.

The page continues to display all resources requested for a particular event. In addition, this page allows a requestor to:

  • Verify all needs are listed, and to update quantities if necessary.
  • Submit a formal request for the available resources.

Contact Us

Should you have questions, or comments, please feel to contact us as shown.

Thank you!

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